Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Various Types of Granite Colors for Memorial Headstones

Memorial tombstone is used to commemorate and mark the remembrance of a loved one who has passes away. For many years and centuries, these memorial headstones and tombstones are used to mark the resting place of the beloved person. These memorial markers are used for paying tribute to the people who are no longer in this world. These memorials markers in the form of headstones and tombstones are made from durable stone materials like granite and sandstone or metals like bronze. Since these materials can last longer in any type of weather and any type of climatic condition, they have been proven for better endurance to other elements like molds and fungus. Since granite is a very hard stone and comes in different colors, they are widely used in most of the countries for making headstones and tombstones. There are several different types of granite color groups available in the market. Grey granite color groups include barre grey, moonlight grey, coral grey, sierra grey and cloud grey. Though moonlight grey and coral grey are commonly used as base for bronze memorials, by far the grey color can be seen in most of the cemeteries as marble granite headstone or tombstone markers.

Brown color granites consists of Dakota mahogany, colonial rose, carnelian, lac du bonnet and other brown shades. The pink color group of granites include Salisbury pink, starlight pink and morning rose qualities, where as, the red color groups have Indian red, sunset red, mountain red and wassau red shades. Since red granites have mystical appearance, the pink ones are known for their graceful hues and delicate appearance. The blacks include academy black, India black and black galaxy color tones and produces the most brightest reflection when polished to a high sheen. Not every type of granite color is well suited for any headstones tombstone because some of the finer grain qualities might be an excellent choice for carving while others can be used as granite bases for bronze grave monuments and markers. Coarse grain qualities of granites are preferred more for bronze grave markers. The coarse grain qualities include sunset red, starlight pink, moonlight grey and coral grey.

Another type of material that can be used as memorial headstones monuments is bronze. Since bronze is a metal alloy which was used for making many other applications like weaponry, tools and art sculptors, its use in the making of memorial headstones and markers was invented more recently. Bronze metal memorial monuments and headstones have gained popularity in the recent past and their demand is growing at a faster pace. Bronze monuments and headstones have longer durability and offer better maintenance features than any other stone material. Bronze metal can be molded into any shape, form and size easily and can be blended with other metal alloys like copper, tin, lead and zinc so that it can be made stronger. There are many headstone and tombstone manufacturers who offer customized bronze grave markers as per the specifications of the customers. One can search through internet as well for knowing about these types of companies.


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